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The Wulven Kings MC as well as my other series that will follow fall under the umbrella of Dark Romance. Both my paranormal and contemporary series contain topics and themes that could be triggering for readers. If any of the listed topics, or any other dark themes bother you, then my books may not be for you. Not all of the topics are discussed in every single book, but this is a complete list of triggers you could find while reading any of my series. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the content of my books, please feel free to email me at

If you decide to jump in and read anyway, rest assured knowing that every book I write has a HEA, and I make sure to sprinkle in as much humor and spice as the story allows. None of the dark topics or themes are between main characters or side characters, but are within a characters past or present created by circumstances and people involved in the plot.

Potential trigger warnings include the following but are not in every book or series:

  • Child Abuse

  • Sexual Abuse/Violence/Non-Con (Not between MCs or side characters)

  • Domestic Violence/Physical/Emotional/Mental Abuse (Not between MCs or side characters)

  • Cheating/Infidelity (Not between MCs)

  • Sex Trafficking/Sex Work

  • Kidnapping

  • Stalking

  • Drug Addiction

  • Mental Illness

  • Self Harm

  • Suicide/Suicidal Ideations

  • Murder/Graphic Violence

  • Loss of Loved Ones/Grief

  • Terminal Illness

  • Fertility Issues/Miscarriage

  • Surprise Pregnancy 

  • Homophobia/Sexual Identity Crisis/Forced Outing (Not between MCs or side characters)

  • Anti-Religion/Spiritual Struggles/Crisis

  • Body Shaming/Dysmorphia/Sizeism (Not between MCs or side characters)

  • Sexism/Racism (Not between MCs or side characters)

  • Dub-Con

  • Graphic Sex

  • BDSM/Kinks/Fetishes (see individual books for specific details)

  • Foul Language/Cursing

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